Tokyo Ghoul Volume 12 Review.


  • Story: Sui Ishida.
  • Art: Sui Ishida.
  • Released: April 18, 2017.
  • Imprint: VIZ Signature.
  • Pages: 200.

Uta recalls past events with Kaneki, explaining Renji’s past and how he how Mr. Yoshimura helped him to leave his sense of revenge behind. Kaneki now intends on seeing Mr. Yoshimura for further insight.  Meanwhile, Tsukiyama accompanies Hinami to a cafe. While at the cafe Hinami runs into Sen Takatsuki. Soon after, Sen pays a visit to the CCG for an impromptu interview with Kotaro Amon. Sen passes on information that could lead to several answers involving Kaneki and what the CCG may be hiding. Kaneki eventually finds his way to Yomo, where he is reunited with Rize. Kaneki and Mr. Yoshimura speak in-depth about Mr. Yoshimura’s past and the identity of the Owl. Kaneki now must decide if he will return to Anteiku.

This volume was filled to the brim with reunions. Many story developments were found within this volume. It was nice to see several characters come back together and interact again. Many plot holes were filled but even with how rapid the story progressed, it did not feel lazily done. It was a bit odd seeing Hinami with Tsukiyama as we know his true intentions, though in the previous chapters he sincerely sounded like Kaneki’s friend. It was also pretty cool seeing Touka and Nishiki hang out and run errands. 

Though it was nice to see these characters reunite, the main point that I got out of this volume was Sen’s interview with Amon. Sen divulges information regarding the basement found in Dr. Kano’s mansion. As it turns out, the mansion was actually owned by the CCG. If that is true, then that means that the CCG was aware of the experiments that were being conducted in the basement. Of course, that is assuming that it is true and not just something said to throw off Amon. Personally, I find it hard to believe as the CCG having a hand in creating ghouls seems a little counterproductive. 

As stated before, there were a lot of reunions in this volume, that being said there was minimal action. In that regard I am okay because we did learn a lot in this volume. We finally learn everything about Mr. Yoshimura’s past, and I must say that it is much darker than I had anticipated. I will not spoil that part of the story, but I will say that learning about his past is reason enough to read this volume. I will say that I was hoping that the reunion between Kaneki and Touka would have gone better, sadly it ended in a bit of a fight. Hopefully they can patch things up in future chapters.

This volume is by far one of the best volumes in the series. We learned so much in this volume. It’s almost difficult to keep track of all that we have learned. I may have to return to this volume in the future to refresh myself on the finer details. All in all Tokyo Ghoul volume 12 was a phenomenal read and I can’t wait to read the next volume.

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