Tokyo Ghoul Volume 10 Review.


  • Story: Sui Ishida.
  • Art: Sui Ishida.
  • Released: December 20, 2016.
  • Imprint: VIZ Signature.
  • Pages: 216.

The CCG is getting closer to Dr. Kano, and finding the truth out about Ken. Ken plans to question his previous nurse at the hospital regarding Dr. Kano, but Aogiri finds her first. Ken decides to abduct Madame A from the ghoul restaurant instead. In the meantime, Shinohara and Suzuya investigate Anteiku in hopes of finding Ken. Ken, the CCG, and Aogiri now race to find Dr. Kano’s hideout. Using Madame A’s information, Ken goes to Dr. Kano’s mansion. Waiting for Ken at the mansion is Aogiri. As Ken and Schachi fight, Dr. Kano appears and gives Ken all the information he needs. Before Ken can retaliate, the CCG arrives. Now the CCG, Aogiri, and Ken must fight.

This volume introduced a crazy turn of events. Dr. Kano not only has the power to create Ghouls, but he has also aligned himself with Aogiri. After all this time Ken finally has the answers he wanted. The only question is what is left for him to do? Ken has become one of the most elite ghouls and has developed quite a reputation. I am anxious to see his future. Ken can either follow a path like Yoshimura, or he can end up like the One-Eyed King. I eagerly wait to see how this portion of the story unfolds.

I like how the CCG is becoming more of a prominent presence in the series. They were always there, but now we get to see more of them, and watch how they develop as well. Suzuya is my favorite investigator, because he is unique, and unpredictable. Near the end of the volume we witness Aogiri, and the CCG confront one another, but before the fighting can begin the volume ends. I hope that in the next volume we get to see the fight in all its glory. Though I am excited to see the fight, I would rather not see the aftermath. I am certain that there may be some casualties on both sides, and I don’t want to see the characters that we have come to know and love die.

Not much in the way of individual character developments in this volume. The large development was found in the story itself. I never imagined it would end up like this. I imagined that Dr. Kano would be apprehended by the CCG, and questioned, then Aogiri, or Ken would attack the CCG. But for Dr. Kano to completely side with Aogiri is huge. They now possess the ability to create an army of ghouls that could be as strong, or even stronger than Kaneki. This is sure to drive the story in a different direction.

This volume of Tokyo Ghoul had all the right elements to create a perfect volume, a textbook example of what great writing looks like. I no longer have any idea as to how this story will unfold as there are so many variables at this point. Just as always, I look forward to the next volume and cannot wait to see how things turn out. Tokyo Ghoul volume 10 was a near perfect read.

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