One-Punch Man Volume 10 Review.


  • Story: ONE.
  • Art: Yusuke Murata.
  • Released: January 3, 2017.
  • Imprint: SHONEN JUMP.
  • Pages: 216.

Garo continues his hunt for any hero that has the misfortune of crossing his path. Unfortunately for Garo, he bumps into Saitama, and is knocked unconscious. Saitama was unaware of who Garo was, and went on about his life. Soon after the Class S hero, Metal Bat is a bodyguard for an executive of the Hero Association, when a giant centipede attacks the city. Saitama may have helped if he hadn’t entered a mixed martial arts competition. There is no telling what will happen to the city with Saitama busy with the tournament. Can Metal Bat defeat the giant centipede and protect the executive?

My one, and only gripe with this volume is the meeting between Garo and Saitama. Garo chops Saitama, Saitama thought Garo was trying to rob him and chops him back, knocking Garo unconscious. I’m certain that ONE has bigger plans in store for the fight, but even the encounters with Sonic are bigger, and Sonic is nowhere near the caliber of Garo. Regardless they met, and as of right now Garo would not stand a chance against Saitama. Which in a way is a little refreshing, as I had feared that Saitama would not be strong enough to defeat Garo, given what we have seen Garo do. As Saitama has strength, Garo has technique. It isn’t so much how strong Garo is, as Garo seems to literally take apart his enemies using precision, and skill. This could pose a problem for Saitama, but in the end Garo is only human.

Though Saitama didn’t really develop much in this volume, we did get a great look at Metal Bat. The S-Class hero, Metal Bat is far more formidable than I had thought. In this volume Metal Bat takes down several monsters, while protecting an executive, and his son. Metal Bat is able to defeat four monsters, before a threat level Dragon monster shows up. Metal Bat may actually be one of my new favorite heroes in this series. I look forward to seeing how the fight ends, and hopefully Metal Bat survives.

Taking all of the bonus content aside, the main content still delivers in an action packed volume. Metal Bat fights off multiple creatures of varying threat levels, Garo has a few fights with heroes, and Saitama does interact with Garo. Considering the three bonus manga, we are given a generous amount of content here. ONE has outdone himself with this volume. We learn more about Garo, and get a few different looks at the other heroes. The art itself appears to even be improving.

Going from volume one to volume ten it is evident that the most excruciating details have not been spared, Yusuke’s art literally just gets better. For example, the battle between Metal Bat and the centipede was highly detailed. There are so many great qualities in this volume, and I believe we are building up to something big. There is so much going on in the story right now, many characters are doing their own things, and the story is progressing nicely. The perfect amount of action, and we learn more about Garo. With all the fighting in this volume, I can only imagine that a massive battle must be in store. I cannot sing the praises of this volume enough, if you have not read this volume I strongly suggest that you do.