One-Punch Man Volume 9 Review.


  • Story: ONE.
  • Art: Yusuke Murata.
  • Released: November 1, 2016.
  • Imprint: SHONEN JUMP.
  • Pages: 216.

Garo decides to demonstrate his power on the other villains at the Hero Association, thus earning his title as a monster. Then Genos, and Saitama find themselves under attack by the B-Class hero Hellish Blizzard and Sonic. Soon after Garo decides to go Hero hunting and defeat any hero he finds. Garo runs into the S-Class Hero Tank-Top Master and hospitalizes him. Is there no one who can defeat Garo?

With Garo on a rampage and at the rate that he is defeating heroes, and villains alike, it is becoming apparent that only Saitama will be able to defeat him. This is only bad because in a way Garo is like Saitama. Garo remains unsurpassed in most everything like Saitama. Only difference is that Garo doesn’t defeat his foes with a single blow. A minor issue, it’s just an unbeatable foe is unheard of in this series. I cannot wait to see the fight between Saitama, and Garo. That is of course if there will be one.

A monster in the form of Garo has appeared, and he may just give Saitama the fight he’s looking for. Boros put up a fight, but as we recall Saitama had power to spare, and didn’t tap into his full potential. This could be the fight that we have been waiting for since day one. The art in this volume is amazing. For example, the battle between Saitama and Hellish Blizzard is heavily detailed. There were several great fights in this volume, some of which have become my new favorite fights from the series.

There were several memorable fights in this volume. We got to see Garo destroy three heroes during a meeting at the Hero Association, he did this before he also defeated everyone else in the room. Garo is truly a force to be reckoned with. Saitama had a fight with the Class-B hero Hellish Blizzard. This was a really cool fight to see as we were able to witness just how strong other Class-B heroes are. If this were a fight against anyone but Saitama, I don’t think they would have made it out alive. During Saitama’s fight with Hellish Blizzard, Sonic also pays Saitama a visit. After Sonic and Genos fight for a bit, Saitama steps in and shows Sonic how fast he really is. Once again, Saitama is the victor, and Sonic is sent away as the loser.

The series is becoming quite amazing. Not to say that the series wasn’t amazing four or five volumes ago, but this volume is really starting to pull it all together. The art is still spot on, the characters are still unique. We are nine volumes in and more characters are being added. Garo is absolutely terrifying, he may look human, but he is monstrous. A fight between Garo and Saitama would be perfect. At the rate that Garo is improving, Saitama may not have a bit of an issue putting Garo down, only time will tell. All in all One-Punch Man volume 9 is well worth your time.

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