Assassination Classroom Volume 9 Review.


  • Story: Yusei Matsui.
  • Art: Yusei Matsui.
  • Released: April 5, 2016.
  • Imprint: SHONEN JUMP.
  • Pages: 192.

Nagisa stares down Takaoka in a fight to the death. If Nagisa can take out Takaoka, he will secure the antidote needed to save his classmates from the virus. The fight looks bleak for Nagisa but he pulls it off in the end. Now that Takaoka is out of the way the students can finish their vacation with a small activity Koro Sensei put together. Once back at school a class E student does the unthinkable, and is moved back into class A. Takebayashi has worked tirelessly to increase his grades and get out of class E. Will Takebayashi come to regret his decision and come back to class E?

This volume had several developments and answered a few of my questions. I had always wondered if a student could get back into class A, and it does appear to be possible. A huge development came from Takebayashi, who up until now did not seem like a main character, but he was in the background working on getting out of class E. The other class E students even supported Takebayashi’s decision and planned to look after him. An excellent example of how the characters have developed and how far they have come together.

Nagisa continues to improve and develop his skills. Time and time again he proves that he is not to be underestimated and he will always overcome any obstacle that he is faced with. This time Nagisa was locked into a fight to the death against the elite soldier Takaoka, and he managed to walk away mostly unscathed. There is seemingly nothing that Nagisa can’t do. With cunning and skill Nagisa rose to the occasion and overtook Takaoka using a skill he had learned from Lovro. Out of everyone in class E, Nagisa appears to have the raw skills to become a real assassin. Nagisa is one of my favorite characters, and he can get stuff done like no other. I am a huge fan of Nagisa and how he never runs away from any type of conflict. Even though he is one of the smallest characters he has the biggest impact on the story.

The students did partake in a fun match making activity put together by Koro Sensei, though they did not realize it. It was good for a laugh as Koro Sensei paired the students up and tried to scare the students closer to each other. These small humorous breaks are perfect in a volume like this when the tone is set at a more serious and dramatic level. Hats off to Yusei for a perfect blend of writing. This activity is yet another feather in Koro Sensei’s cap and shows how much he adores his students. It is getting to the point that I don’t want Koro Sensei to be assassinated. With how much he cares for his students is he really the monster that the government has made him out to be?

This volume of Assassination Classroom was near perfect. An assassination attempt took place, Nagisa fought for his life, the students overcame a virus, and a student left class E. This volume had it all. As the students grow and develop, the series gets better and better. The students continue to surprise me with their skills, and Yusei continues to surprise me with his writing. I cannot wait to read the next volume and see how things unfold. Assassination Classroom volume 9 was a near perfect read, I highly recommend it.

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