One-Punch Man Volume 8 Review.


  • Story: ONE.
  • Art: Yusuke Murata.
  • Released: September 6, 2016.
  • Imprint: SHONEN JUMP.
  • Pages: 200.

King is the strongest hero on Earth, he is Class S, Rank 7. But he harbors a terrible, and dark secret. Now that Saitama knows King’s secret, what will King do? Then the Hero Association seeks aid from the villains in hopes that humanity can join to stop the impending disaster as the seer had foretold, though their plan may backfire when a new villain emerges.

As far as entries in the series go, this volume had a bit more story than action, Saitama did not really fight any monsters aside from a large bird. But where this volume lacked in action, the driving plot points really delivered. We get a look at how desperate the Hero Association truly is, and we are introduced to Garo, a man who claims to be a monster. Not a lot wrong with this volume aside from the lack of action as there is only one real fight between Genos, and a large cyborg that was bent on fighting King. However, it is nice to see a fight that doesn’t end with only one punch. Genos proves to us why he deserves his Class and Rank.

As I mentioned above this volume was more heavy on plot than action. There are few fights but the real content this time around is in the introduction of a new foe, and the discovery of one of the strongest heroes’ secrets. I am eager to see how Garo will shape the story, and influence what’s to come. Saitama is aloof as ever which adds humor to the serious undertones. Genos continues to grow as a hero as well as more information is given on his history. Many excellent points in this volume.

This volume did have some character developments which I always enjoy, as it’s nice to see growth, and witness a character become more of their own. Here we see more of a development in Genos. We receive a better understanding as to why Genos fights as hard as he does. We also get a more personal look at King, and his personal life. As it would seem King isn’t the person that people believe he is. I won’t spoil too much in that regard, but I would say that while it may seem annoying, Saitama plays it off like it’s no big deal, and even befriends King. I cannot wait to see Genos realize his goal, nor can I wait to see what the future holds for King.

This volume keeps the story moving right along with the introduction of Garo, the Hero Association asking the villains for help, and Saitama befriending King. The bonus manga continue to add small plot points and some humor which is a great addition to the series. The second bonus manga sheds quite a bit of light on Garo. Garo does appear to be the monster he claims to be. One-Punch Man volume 8 is well worth your time.