Tokyo Ghoul Volume 7 Review.


  • Story: Sui Ishida.
  • Art: Sui Ishida.
  • Released: June 21, 2016.
  • Imprint: VIZ Signature.
  • Pages: 200.

In Ken’s absence, the ghouls at Anteiku try to form a plan to rescue him. As they gather their team, the 11th ward special task force attacks the Aogiri hideout. Ken has been captured and taken to Yamori’s room, his fate is far worse than he could have imagined. As Yamori tortures Ken over and over, Ken starts to lose his grasp on reality. Ken slips away little by little and recalls his childhood. Kaneki now fights for his life against Yamori. Will the ghouls of Anteiku get there in time?

Ken has endured so much pain and suffering in this volume. Through all the pain and suffering Ken has become what was needed to defend himself against Yamori. Ken has had such a huge development, he no longer fears anything, his self-doubt is gone. He is now a prime, and hungry ghoul. As Ken now embraces who he is he has the strength needed to make changes as he sees fit. But with all that he has lost in the process, I wonder if this will prove to be an issue in the future.

The ghouls at Anteiku have not only taken notice of Ken’s absence and miss him, they plan to infiltrate the Aogiri hideout to rescue him. I enjoyed this point because it drives home the fact that ghouls are truly like humans, and take care of their own. It is obvious that Ken is viewed as part of a family by the ghouls at Anteiku which is great because Ken never really had a family. I think that Ken truly needs a family to be able to become the best version of himself. I look forward to seeing how his developments change the course of this series.

This volume made it difficult to choose between the humans and the ghouls. Though it is true that Aogiri is evil, ghouls only feed to sustain themselves. Humans murder other humans every day. It’s difficult to say which party is better or worse. Also it is worth noting that Aogiri is a direct retaliation built from how ghouls were and still are treated by humans. I hope that perhaps a sense of peace can eventually come to form between ghouls and humans.

In this volume, we learned so much about Ken. We witnessed the events that made him the Ken he is today. Ken has suffered all through his life and strived to excel no matter what the adversity. To see his childhood and how he was treated is heartbreaking. To grow up alone is painful, and that was captured perfectly in this volume. Ken truly is the main character of a tragedy. The events in this volume brought the tragedy that is his life full circle. 

This volume was perfect in every regard. The writing is superb as always and the characters are developing at a perfect pace. I cannot wait to see what the series holds. Sui Ishida knows the best way to tell a tale and this volume was evidence of that. Granted it may be difficult to follow up this volume and keep the momentum going. I look forward to Ken’s future endeavors. Tokyo Ghoul volume 7 was a perfect read.

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