One-Punch Man Volume 7 Review.


  • Story: ONE.
  • Art: Yusuke Murata.
  • Released: July 5, 2016.
  • Imprint: SHONEN JUMP.
  • Pages: 216.

The battle between Saitama and Boros continues. As Saitama battles Boros on the ship, the heroes below battle the last warrior from the Black Matter gang, and try to take down the ship. Boros and Saitama trade punches with neither of them falling to the other. Boros continues to heal and gets even stronger with every blow, just as Saitama continues to take damage. Does Saitama have what it takes to destroy the biggest threat that Earth has ever seen?

Even as we had found a foe that could give Saitama a fight, I was a little let down when Boros pointed out that Saitama did not put his all into it. As of now I cannot help but wonder if Boros was truly a worthy opponent, or if Saitama just went easy on him. Though it is still quite a feat that someone can withstand more than a single punch from Saitama. A fight where all his power is needed would be something to see, and something I hope to see in the future.

The fight between Saitama and Boros was amazing, and over the top, Boros literally knocked Saitama to the moon. Saitama even looked as if he was feeling the fight a bit, come to find out, he wasn’t even using his full power. Saitama defeats Boros with power to spare as pointed out by Boros. An amazing “boss fight” type scene nonetheless. Yusuke continues to deliver the most amazing art with scenes spanning two entire pages, which is not something that I have seen too often. The other heroes are getting more spotlight as they handle one of the toughest monsters they have ever faced without the help of Saitama, proving they can hold their own as well.

Though I am a little disappointed that we did not see Saitama at full power, I should have known better than to expect that to happen being only 7 volumes into the series. It is also worth remembering that One-Punch Man is more or less a parody. As much as I love, and enjoy the series, it would be irresponsible, and unfair for the series to fill certain norms, or expectations. At the end of the day it’s still a parody series. However being that it is a parody it still delivers on many key points, and has thus far carved a place for itself.

This volume is full of amazing art, a great fight and the characters we know and love. All things considered I enjoyed the last volume more as not many things will come close to that defining moment when Boros survived that one punch from Saitama. The fight was amazing as I had hoped it would be and the ending was perfect. The three bonus manga were also a nice touch and were enjoyable. This volume is worth your time and I cannot wait to see how the story unfolds.