Assassination Classroom Volume 7 Review.


  • Story: Yusei Matsui.
  • Art: Yusei Matsui.
  • Released: December 1, 2015.
  • Imprint: SHONEN JUMP.
  • Pages: 200.

The students take and conclude their finals. After much hard work class E, has beaten class A and per their bet class E gets one request from class A. As class E, has achieved the highest scores academically they are rewarded with a trip to a resort in Okinawa. After the students launch their biggest assassination attempt, they are found to have been poisoned and are in immediate danger if they don’t get the cure in time. The remaining students unaffected by the poison and Karasuma now race to the hotel where the antagonist awaits their arrival.

The students attempted to pull off the most elaborate assassination attempt yet. They pulled out all the stops and went for broke. This time the students were so close that Koro Sensei had no choice but to deploy his last line of defense to protect himself. If this isn’t proof that the students are getting to him then I don’t know what is. Unfortunately for the students even after the failed attempt their hard times are just getting started as an interested party has their sights set on the bounty on Koro Sensei.

It is currently unknown as to what this mysterious antagonist wants from the students, I imagine it would be Koro Sensei but it could really be anything. I look forward to the coming battle between the students and the antagonist. The antagonist has already shown an example of their skill by poisoning the students and backing them into a corner. The students showcased their skills perfectly in the assassination attempt. From the location, the movie they made for Koro Sensei, and the way the attempt was executed. 

The students are showing a lot of promise as the series moves on. In all honesty, I thought for a moment that they had succeeded as Koro Sensei had disappeared. Alas he was found to be safe and sound in his absolute defense form. Kurahashi exhibits a bit of her skills and shows off her Zoology knowledge during a bug hunt with the other students. Kurahashi set up traps for bugs all over the island. On the other hand, Okajima uses his knowledge of adult magazines to lure Koro Sensei into a trap. It fails of course but the point is that these two students have their own unique set of skills and they never miss a chance to attempt to assassinate Koro Sensei.

The only major part about this volume was the assassination attempt. As epic as it was we already knew that it was doomed to fail as we are still early into the series. But the students are making progress. The students did manage to  threaten Koro Sensei to the point that he used his absolute defense form. So, we can agree that they are close to succeeding in his assassination. I hope to learn more about Koro Sensei before they succeed in killing him, as we still know nothing about him.As the story stands, the students are on the right track, just not there yet.  All i know is after seeing how big this one was, the final attempt will have to be huge.

This volume was the much-needed jump start to the series. As things started to feel repetitive, everything was shaken up by the mysterious antagonist. I can’t wait to see how the remaining students assault the hotel and save their classmates. There is no telling who this antagonist is but he seems to have business with class 3-E and Koro Sensei. To be honest I was losing faith in the series but now my faith has been restored. I am now more excited than ever to see this series to the end. Assassination Classroom volume 7 was an excellent read.

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