Tokyo Ghoul Volume 6 Review.


  • Story: Sui Ishida.
  • Art: Sui Ishida.
  • Released: April 19, 2016
  • Imprint: VIZ Signature.
  • Pages: 200.

Ghoul investigators are branching out to the 11th and 20th wards to attempt to apprehend the Binge Eater and Gourmet. A ghoul organization is moving into the 20th ward for unknown purposes. The organization now known as Aogiri has taken a special interest in Ken and has taken him captive. The ghouls at Anteiku are preparing to never see Ken again. The other captive ghouls have banded together and plan to escape from Aogiri but fail. After the failed escape, Ken is taken to Yamori’s cell, Ken’s fate is uncertain.

A few new characters were introduced in this volume. One being Banjo, an 11th ward ghoul. Banjo came to the 20th ward in search of Rize, and found Ken instead. The other being Touka’s brother Ayato. Ayato resembles Touka as far as looks go, but that’s about it. As if now not much is known about these new characters aside from their names and where they are from, so I hope we see them a lot more in future volumes.

Touka is still torn between her feelings of protecting herself and letting someone accept her for who she is as a ghoul. In this volume, Touka comes face to face with her brother Ayato. It would be great to see more of where Touka and Ayato came from so we could have a better idea of how they grew up, and came to be who there are. Ayato has very extreme views on the superiority of ghouls and the inferiority of humans, while Touka is more reserved and would rather live in peace amongst the humans. Ayato also leads the attack on Anteiku and kidnaps Ken. We now know the ghoul organization is Aogiri, though their goal is unknown.

Though the full intent of Aogiri is still unknown, we know that they are interested in unifying ghouls against the CCG. Aogiri has support from some of the most formidable ghouls including Yamori who is also known as the 13th ward’s Jason. Jason specializes in torture and unfortunately for Ken that’s who he is going to see. I can’t wait to see how Ken gets out of this mess. I can only imagine what horrors may await for Ken in the next volume.

This volume was amazing in every sense of the word. Though the art remains the same, the plot continues to grow and develop in surprising ways. I didn’t imagine we would meet Ayato or that Yamori would have taken such an interest in Ken. The big surprise came when Aogiri moved into the mostly quiet and peaceful 20th ward. I am certain that a large conflict is brewing. If things keep up we could see a major battle between Aogiri and Anteiku.

All in all, I would say that this was a great volume and I cannot wait to see what happens next. There are many things happening in the series at this time, and the story can follow many different paths. Ken is sure to get stronger from this encounter and we may get to see what’s truly capable of. This volume stands as a testament as to why Tokyo Ghoul is one of my most favorite series. I am eager to read the next volume in this series.

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