Tokyo Ghoul Volume 5 Review.


  • Story: Sui Ishida.
  • Art: Sui Ishida.
  • Released: February 16, 2016.
  • Imprint: VIZ Signature.
  • Pages: 200.

Ken recounts his time at the Ghoul restaurant for Yomo, and Mr. Yoshimura. After their meeting, Ken runs into Nishiki’s girlfriend, Kimi at the coffee shop. After Ken agrees to help her, trouble befalls her as the Gourmet takes her hostage. Now it’s up to Touka, Ken, and Nishiki to confront the Gourmet, and rescue Kimi. Plus, there is word in the CCG that ghouls are becoming more organized, and are targeting CCG investigators. Something big could be coming.

Ken proves his worth in battle as he goes toe to toe with The Gourmet, an S rated ghoul. Though Ken puts up a good fight it falls to Touka to save finish off The Gourmet, though they leave him alive. It was an amazing battle that was perfectly illustrated, and captured Touka’s strength, and skill. Touka proves that she is capable of not only protecting the people she cares about but also fighting off S rated ghouls.

Touka had a major character development when she realized that not all humans are incapable of accepting ghouls. Touka had thought that any human knowing of her existence was a threat, but Kimi changed that.Touka now understands that there are people in the world that love, and accept ghouls as they are.Ken is still on the path to becoming a strong, independent ghoul that would do anything for his friends; though he still has a long journey ahead of him.

There was mention of organized ghoul activity near the end of the volume. It is alleged that ghouls are pulling their numbers together in hopes of destroying the CCG. This could put a strain on the ghouls at Anteiku as they have always fought for the peace of their Ward, however I doubt that the CCG would care about that. The CCG views all ghouls as a threat and would not hesitate to eradicate any ghouls they come across. I don’t foresee the ghouls at Anteiku, and the ghouls from the other organization getting along.

This volume was half story and half action. A nice balance and excellent utilization of the pages in the volume. Not a single panel was wasted on filler or fluff. An interesting, and eccentric character was also added near the end. His name is Juzo Suzuya, and he appears to be quite the handful. We are introduced to Juzu as he bumps into Ken, and steals his wallet. Attacks, and kills multiple ghouls. Then attacks a guard who detained him at the CCG. It is also worth mentioning that Juzu is an investigator at the CCG. I look forward to Juzu’s developments, and can’t wait to see what other crazy things he does. 

All in all, Tokyo Ghoul volume 5 continues the  trend, and provides a near masterpiece. The writing is still energetic, and flawless. Not a single plot hole, and the mystery is slowly unraveling. So far, each volume in this series has been excellent, and I cannot wait to continue the series. At this point many characters and plot points have been added to the story, and I can not wait to see how everything unfolds. I highly recommend everyone to check out this series, and jump on board. Tokyo Ghoul volume 5 was an amazing read.