Assassination Classroom Volume 3 Review.


  • Story: Yusei Matsui.
  • Art: Yusei Matsui.
  • Released: April 7, 2015.
  • Imprint: SHONEN JUMP.
  • Pages: 192.

While on the class trip, Kayano and Kanzaki are abducted by students of another school and are being held captive in an unknown location. It is up to the students to use their newly acquired skills to rescue them. More assassins come in to try their hand at assassinating Koro Sensei. A sniper named Red Eye tries his best to bring down Koro Sensei and falls to Koro Sensei’s speed. A new student joins the class in the form of an artificial intelligence. Her name is Autonomous Intelligence Fixed Artillery or as the students come to call her Ritsu. Ritsu uses her abilities to calculate and perfectly execute an attack on Koro Sensei.  More assassins could mean a better chance of assassinating Koro Sensei. Irina’s former teacher Lovro pays her a visit and tells her that she should leave her assignment and give up on assassinating Koro Sensei. Koro Sensei has other plans.

This volume introduced some new characters and an interesting story while the students were on their class trip. An excellent display from Koro Sensei as he protected his students and taught them a valuable lesson. When Koro Sensei does things like this, it is difficult to hate him as he is a great character with his student’s best interests at heart. The students banded together and by using their trip guide they located their missing friends and rescued them. A humorous interaction ensued between the two schools. These small additions to the story help provide a clearer look at Koro Sensei. Koro Sensei is hands down one of the best characters, in my opinion.

The new assassin Ritsu is having difficulty fitting into class. Mainly because she is a large machine and keeps disrupting class with her assassination attempts. An interesting character for sure as she is not your average exchange student. Ritsu evidently possesses a skill set that no other student has. With each attack her skills grow and adapt for the next assassination attempt.  The students are working diligently to not only assassinate their teacher but also to raise their grades, I feel that this is an easily overlooked and forgotten aspect. This is an important aspect because it sheds more light on the kind of stress the students are under. Even with all that is going on the students still have fun and give everything their best shot. It is with these plot points that make the series an absolute joy to read.

Though we still do not know much about Koro Sensei’s origin he remains as one of my most favorite characters, he is downright hilarious in most every situation. Koro Sensei is the kind of teacher that I would love to have. He is caring, thoughtful, and firm when he needs to be. However, I would like to know just where he came from and how he came to be. I cannot wait until we get his full origin story. I have thought of several possible stories for him and cannot wait to see if I am right or wrong. 

Taking every aspect into consideration this series is sure to excite and interest most anyone who picks it up. Between the characters, the art, and the story, not a single thing is missing in this volume. The story is moving at a perfect pace and everything is falling into place as it should. The art is still some of the best that I have seen. I doubt that the art will change much over the course of the series but it is still worth mentioning. The characters are what truly make this series shine. I highly recommend not only this volume, but this series. Assassination Classroom volume 3 was a phenomenal read and I am certain that you will enjoy it.

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