One-Punch Man Volume 1 Review.


  • Story: ONE.
  • Art: Yusuke Murata.
  • Released: September 1, 2015.
  • Imprint: SHONEN JUMP.
  • Pages: 200.

In City Z on modern day Earth, a monster born of the Earth rises to destroy all of humanity. Enter Saitama, a man so devoid of purpose that he decides to become a hero for fun. A single punch is all that is required to defeat even the greatest of foes. With his incredible strength, Saitama has defeated many foes. Saitama drags himself through his dull day to day life in hopes of finding a foe that may withstand his amazing strength. Saitama’s strength and skill draws the attention of a lone cyborg. Will Saitama ever find an enemy that can take more than just one punch?

Saitama is not your average run of the mill hero. He is for all intents and purposes a hero for fun. Saitama has the oddest way of doing things and I view him to be a little unorthodox in his heroic pursuits. He does not appear to be serious in any sense but who can really blame him? He is capable of defeating most any foe with a single punch. With a power like that I would say that he has earned his lackadaisical demeanor. Though Saitama does not take anything seriously that is to be expected as this series is centered around the satire of being a hero for fun.

The continuous fights can become a little redundant, though I do my best to overlook this given the nature of this series. One-Punch Man is a superhero satire series after all. This is not a bad manga, it just may not be for those who aren’t looking for an overpowered superhero. Some readers may find it to be dry and without content and while that is a valid point of view, taking this series exactly for what it is helps to alleviate that perspective. 

However, in this volume alone Saitama had 6 fights, each fight had the same outcome. Though all the fighting may become redundant it is the enemies that he is fighting that make this volume worth reading. All of Saitama’s enemies are completely different, and have their own unique powers, and backstory. This aspect makes the fighting a little less repetitive and gives us a fresh experience each time.

Aside from the evident redundancy in defeating foes with a single punch, (or consecutive punches) I would honestly say that that only accounts for 20 percent of the book. This manga truly shines with the humor, character development, and the story. The well fleshed out characters retract from the redundancy by giving them humorous back stories. The amazing artwork doesn’t hurt either. Speaking of the art, Murata has truly outdone himself with his work. The characters, fight scenes, and environments are all heavily detailed. Even in the traditional black and white format of manga, the art is full of life and jumps from the page. The art is one of the best aspects of this series and you are sure to take note of the attention to detail.

As for first impressions of this series I will say that One-Punch Man volume 1 certainly gave Saitama an explosive entrance, and set the way for a humorous, and action packed series. I will not say that this series is for everyone. However, if you’re looking for a funny series with a crazy plot filled with countless unforgettable characters, this is right up your alley. If a more serious plot with more drama is your preferred genre, this may not be for you. Saitama doesn’t take himself seriously, and neither should you. One-Punch Man volume 1 was a fantastic read and is sure to put a smile on your face.

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